Welcome to Sooner Acoustic Music!

Sooner Acoustic Music is your one-stop shop for all of your bluegrass and acoustic musical needs. We sell the musical instruments you might need, and we can teach you to play them, tune and care for your instrument. The owners have over 40 years of experience and have appeared on Grand Ole Opry 3 times. We teach many styles of music on piano, banjo and acoustic guitar, as well as beginner to modern electric guitar, bass and percussion. Our store also offers instrument repairs on your banjos, guitars (electric and acoustic), and percussion instruments. From replacing heads, re-stringing instruments to full set-ups, we can do it.


You'll find a great selection of Blueridge, Indiana, and Morgan Monroe guitars and banjos. We also have acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, violins, fiddles, upright basses and more at our store. All are from name brands, such as Blueridge, Morgan Monroe, Saga Music, Indiana, Regal, Roland, Sierra, Hofner, Washburn and SHS audio equipment.


We are happy to provide you with help, from the initial setup of your purchase to warranty service on your new instrument, and can do string changes, adjustments to the intonation and action, restore acoustic/electric instruments of all varieties. We are also certified by Fender Musical Instruments to be a warranty repair and service center on all Fender products.